Sunday, March 28, 2010

Science Resource

Here is a science resource website.


Here are some Canadian content website.


Great History resource.

Awesome Library in Different Languages

Great resources for ELL.

A Portal to Medial Literacy

This is a great Video.

Brain Games

Here are some Brain Games

Truth Behind the Lysol Ad

Please visit the above Website and watch the following video.

Importance of Symbols

Many ads use symbols that make their advertisements look official but these symbols are meaningless.

Below is an example of an official looking symbols that is meaningless.

Find the real symbols for the Pediatric Society.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Ways to Verify Information on the Web

Celebrity Endorsements – Check the celebrity’s official website to see if he/she actually endorses the product.

Medical Facts – Check to see the extension on the file is “.edu” this means it comes from an educational institution. Check with your local medical association.

Studies – Check with the university or government agency that did the study. If no university or government agency has done the study, it may not be valid.

Search the web for complaints against a product or company. Type in “complaints against X Company” or “complaints about Y product”

Some Ways to Verify Information on the Web

Google Earth allows people to visit any country any where in the world and see real pictuers of the country. It also has a time machine that allows you to go back in time and see how the countries have changed.

The WayBackMachine allows users to see the development of websites and how they have changed.

Media Literacy Activities

The above link contains Media Literacy Activities.!.html

More Media Literacy lesson plans.

Media Literacy within the Multicultural Classroom

The above link is a Ministry Media Literacy resource.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Media Literacy

The following links will help you create some interesting Media Literacy Activities.

MAC Wheel

Lion King

Mary Poppins

Many more on YouTube just type in Re-cut Trailer (Horror)