Thursday, November 26, 2009

Teachers Resources

The following site offers teachers resources in a video format.

Create Free Animations

The following link allows the user to create free 2D animations.

Free Animated Images

The follow site contains hundreds of free animated images.

Download Streaming Video

The following free program allows the user to download Streaming Video from the internet.

Translation Tool

The following link is a translation tool.

Babble fish -

Website Time Machine

The following website archives websites and allows the users to go back and view changes made to certain websites.

Time Machine -

Free Music

The following link allows schools to download music.

Free music downloads:

Free Music

The following link offers free music through Creative Commons. Please read any restrictions regarding the use of the music on this site.

Video Search Engine

The link below allows the user to search through millions of hours of online videos.

CBC Video Archives

The link below allows the user free access to the CBC's video archives.

Create a free Website

The link below allows the user to create a free website.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Software and Training Resources

Smart Technologies Free Down Loads and tutorials:

Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Microsoft Downloads:

Special Education Resources

Special Education

This is an LD resource website:

Ministry of Education Licensed Software (OSAPAC)

This website lists all of the Ministry of Education’s licensed software:
Premier Assistive Technologies

BC Ministry of Ed. Special Education

Resources and training tutorials
Free Virtual Keyboard:
Free Virtual Keyboard Editor:
Free Primary fonts (For Home Use Only):

Effective Technology Implementation


Multi level reader website:
Science website:
Chemistry games and activities:
Set up by curriculum area and reading level:


Google Alert:

Social Science

Amazing pictures and stories:
Canadian Geography:
Canadian Geography:


Offers ideas on how to integrate technology:

Reading Resources

Star Fall is a Free primary reading website with stories that help kids learn to read.

Primary Activity (Math, Reading, Literacy, and other Prerequisite Skills Activities)

Free teacher created books to support student reading skills.

Literacy Resources

A Variety of Literacy Resources

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Multi-Media Resources

Free Multimedia Software

Movie Maker

Photo Story 3

Free audio editing software

Free download Any Video Downloader

These program allow the user to download YouTube Videos:

Free music downloads:

Free sound effects:

Visual curriculum support (See a rainforest, volcanic eruptions, etc):

Instructional safe videos:

Photo Editing

Photo Funia is a Free website that allows you to paste pictures into a variety of backgrounds.

Mag My Pic allows the user to place pictures on magazine covers.

Math Resources

Homework support for students K- University. Show all the steps involved in solving a problem:

Great website full of instructional Videos:

Math resources and tutorials:

Fun math site:

Free primary/junior math activities:

Math homework help:

Free Virtual Manipulatives:

Offers ideas on how to integrate technology:

Free Web E-Books and other Print Media

The following sites contain thousands of Copyright Free books that can be downloaded and used with various Assistive Technologies.

The link below is Google Books and they have scanned over 500,000 books and Magazines. You can go back and read the original magazine from any year back to the first publication.

Digital Books

Free teacher created books to support student reading skills:

Summaries of a variety of books (Virtual Coles Notes):

Free Picture Dictionary: